About Us

The organisation was established  and registered on the 1st of May 2015 as as Pri/lbg/nsc (private, Limited By Guarantee, No Share Capital, Use Of ‘limited’ Exemption) with the Company registration number 09571113.

It is not for profit but not a charity based organisation.

The Bristol Indonesian Society organisation has been  organising events annually every April since 2015 promoting Indonesian art, culture and culinary successfully. Our first event in 2015 as documented here.

In 2019 BIS started organising used books from the Indonesian community in the UK to be sent out to various public libraries organised by various foundations based in Indonesia. Currently BIS is working with two foundations: Taman Ilmu H. Abdul Moeis – Hj Syamsiar, Paninjauan, Solok Sumatra Barat and Yayasan Humanisti, Jl Kampung Rawa Barat, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15229. Both foundations aim to create the love of books and reading in children and young adult.

Bristol Indonesian Society is also part of the Indonesian Diaspora network.

BIS in Bahasa Indonesia ( Indonesian national language) is a  Bus – a public transportation carrying passengers to their destination . Similarly this organisation (BIS) is a bus that welcomes  aboard all “passengers” from different backgrounds and occupations; to journey together and promote Indonesia.


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