Pasar Indonesia Report

After more than year in preparation and afterwards months of anxiety whether or not to organise a festival during Lockdown and Covid 19 restrictions; we finally managed to pull off “Pasar Indonesia” as the first Indonesian Festival (at least in Bristol) after more than a year of quietness, uncertainty.

More than our expectations, the festival attracted too much interest and visitors came not only from Bristol, but also from around the country:

The girls who came to the festival from just outside Bristol
Local girls and Indonesian students also helped organising the festival and off course enjoyed the day at the festival
BIS girls and behind the scenes….
They come all the way from Devon

And off course those who came from London such as the Indonesian consulate team, the Ambassador and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Desra Percaya:

We even got a nice treat from the Mr. Percaya, as he’s also very versatile and talented saxophonist; which we ended up singing together with Mr. Percaya entertaining us with his saxophone.

After speeches from the BIS chairwoman and the Ambassador, the festival began with the entertainment, short documentary films, and other entertainment that we all enjoyed and reminded us all of home in Indonesia. and we can’t thank enough all those who had helped us with the preparation, prior and during the the festival, the enthusiasts, PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia), the locals, the performers and of course the vendors. Without their support this event would not have enjoyed the huge success.

Hit of the day was of course the food vendors….

As usual, at the end of the festival, we enjoyed the music and dancing together…

However, big apologies for those who came from further afield but had to queue to get in to the venue.

Queing to get in to the building… 😦

See you next year 🙂

2 comments on “Pasar Indonesia Report

  1. Tini Dunleavy

    Thanks so much for organising such a wonderful festival. I enjoyed myself immensely and everything was great! The food stalls were amazing and the dishes were so tasty. Your photos of the day really depicted how brilliant it all was. Terima kasih banyak! Here’s to the next one!
    All the very best! Tini

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