Meet and greet the performers

Brief about who is performing on the 2021's Festival


Lila Bhawa is the UK’s premier Indonesian Dance Group. It was established by its Artistic Director, Ni Madé Pujawati, in 2002 and performs regularly in London at The SouthBank Centre, LSO St. Luke’s, City University, SOAS as well as festivals and venues around the UK and overseas. Its repertoire includes classic and contemporary Javanese and Balinese dance as well as dances from Sunda, Betawi, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

Lila Bhawa:

FB: @LilaBhawa #LilaBhawa
IG: @lilabhawauk #lilabhawauk
YouTube: Lila Bhawa



Bristol-Timor-Indonesia Entertainment:

Collaboration between East Timorese Keyboardist, Ivo Beram Jordao and Indonesian guitarist Eddy Manurung specially formed to accompany singers Ms. Mewa Sijabat, a professional singer in Jakarta, Indonesia. Moving to the UK to join her husband and have been performing in some community events in the UK since.

Her 1st Album “Cinta Mengudara/ Love in The Air” was released on 2018 and currently she is working on the next single.

And the newcomers are:

Ms. Dilla she is a product manager by day, bedroom musician by night. Dilla was the chairwoman of ITB Student Choir (Paduan Suara Mahasiswa ITB) and have won 3 international choir competitions in Bratislava, Florence, and Gorizia with the team.

Lutfi Hernadi

Lutfi just recently moved to Bristol (early July 2021). He works as a Data Analyst for one of IT companies in Bristol. Prior to moving to the UK, he stayed and worked in Jakarta also in IT companies for 4 years. He grew up in Bandung that’s why he is currently learning how to cook sundanese cuisines (batagor, lotek, sate maranggi)


Short Films:

Another Letter from Ternate:

A traveler is exploring North Maluku in the search of endemic bird species. Her passion in traveling, her love to Indonesia, and her respect to Alfred Russel Wallace lead her to an epic search to find bird of paradise.

Producer Elnino Irawan:

elNino Irawan is a walking brain. A creative and critical creature in our neighborhood. Over decade dedicating his passion in photography, writing, film making, and conceptual delivering. Long list of awards does not stop him from learning and moving forward to better tomorrow.


A kid who was born in France moved to live in Indonesia, a place that she’s getting to know for the first time.

Director DESI TAB:

Dessy Tri Anandani Bambang or Dessy TAB is Indonesian born in France. Has been living in Indonesia since 4 years old and no longer speak French but still keeping the French R. She has been making short animation since her college days. Also known as an amigurumi artist and yarn & book hoarder, so if you can’t find her working on her animation, maybe she is in the craft supply store or book store.

Behind the scene of the young Indonesian professionals and students practising a song from Papua

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