Introducing our Webinar Partner for “Temu Dialog Kabar Indonesia”

As we are heading towards a new frontier of capitalising the new era of digital events, we are expanding our partnerships to other like minded organisation and/or individuals. To kick off our first venture, we are very fortunate to join hands with PerCa Indonesia. So, permit us to introduce to you this incredible organisation:

PerCa Indonesia

Legally registered at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights as Masyarakat Perkawinan Campuran Indonesia (Community of marriages between Indonesian nationals and foreigners) is popularly known as PerCa Indonesia.

PerCa Indonesia was established in April 2008, with a vision of “Towards equality of civil rights and constitutional rights for Indonesian citizens married to foreigners in Indonesia.” Since its establishment, PerCa Indonesia has been striving for law and regulatory improvements that better support the community’s protection and welfare. Other than that PerCa Indonesia has been conducting various activities aimed at empowering its members while bringing benefits to the wider community; confirming the role and position of the organization actively and positively in the wider communities in Indonesia; and actualizing the full potential of the community.

PerCa Indonesia as an organization becomes an agent of change for the rules and regulations related to the community and family lives in Indonesia; building the important role of the community in Indonesian society; become a forum that covers the needs and aspirations of the community in an integrated manner. There are three main activities namely Advocacy, Socialization (public awareness) and Consultation.

The PerCa Indonesia’s logo is an organizational identity that contains the philosophy of establishing this organization. The basic color is Red and White, which is the great color of our country’s flag. Red which means brave and white which means holy. An association consisting of mixed marriages, both male and female Indonesian citizens who are married to foreign citizens, even though they have joined a family unit with a mixture of elements, foreign languages and cultures, but PerCa members and associations continue to prioritize a sense of nationalism and proud of being Indonesians. Family is the essence of life, which is symbolized in the main formation of the logo which is in the form of branches that come from sturdy trees. This form also describes the hand that gives. Three leaves, which symbolize the mixed marital family, are expected to produce the nation’s buds to meet a prosperous and happy future.

Who are members of PerCa Indonesia? There are two types of membership, i.e. Regular and Non- regular Member. Regular members are Indonesian nationals (aged 18 and over with voting rights) who are married to foreigners or plan to marry foreigners or those who are concern and keen interest in the community of mixed marriages between Indonesians and Foreigners. Non-regular members are foreign nationals (aged 18 and over without voting rights) who are married or plan to marry Indonesian nationals or having interest and concerns on the community. Members of PerCa Indonesia are expected to actively participate in organizational activities, by attending events held by the Association (including Members Gathering, Circle of Discussion, Talk shows, etc.) and participate in the Annual General Meeting. Members who are interested and willing to commit, can register to become Board Members in Jakarta or Regional Representatives of PerCa Indonesia (Batam, Bali, Balikpapan, Makassar, Surabaya, Lombok) or Facilitators in Friends of PerCa Indonesia in Malang, Medan and Singapore. We welcome registration online through our website or personal visit to the Secretariat Office at Puri Imperium Office Plaza, suite G-6, Jalan Kuningan Madya kav. 5-6, South Jakarta 12980 (telephone +62 21 8312535).

For futher information, visit our website at www.percaindonesia.com as well as our instagram @percaindonesia and Facebook.

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