Models for the Fashion Show

This year fashion show will be a unique fashion show, not only about parading different clothes but also about the models, as they are special models. Last years’ models was mainly students who studied within Bristol areas; However, this years’ models are different.

Some of them are families, mother and their children or couples:

  • The Gustafsons:

Shally, is Mom, was born in Jakarta, she was a high flyer personnel in one of Indonesian television channel and used be a model and actress in some Indonesian movies and mini-series. But in 2011 when she married a Swedish man changed the course of her life, Yes, she continued worked as assistant director in a one of Indonesian television channels, but now she’s a trailing spouse of a Swedish expat who not only worked in Indonesia, Australia and now in Britain.

Marvin and Liam are the minors of the Gustafsons and they are very linguist children. Liam  is only 3 already speaks 3 different languanges:  English, Swedish and Norwegian plus understand Indonesian. However Marvin, only 2 years older than Liam bag more on his CV;  he spoke 4 different languages: Indonesia, English, Swedish and Norwegian and was a child model for famous Swedish brand in 2015.

  • Atha & Wening:
    After three years for an NGO in Indonesia, Atha used to worked in an NGO in Indonesia, is now is pursuing his master degree in International Development at University of Bristol. He is here in Bristol with  Wening and Ken.
  • Tubagus & Maesa Family
    Tubagus used to runs business in lifestyle, retail and logistic back in Indonesia, but now he is a a master student major in Public Policy in University of Bristol after LPDP grants him a full funded scholarship. Tubagus lives in Bristol with his wife, Maesa and their lovely Bristolian baby, Shavira, who was born only last December 2016.
  • Ahmad & Gendis Family
    When Ahmad was in Indonesia, he used to works at Indoneisan Audit Board but a scholarship from who granted scholarship from Indonesian Board of National Planning (SPIRIT) made him  moved to Bristol and go back to school for his master degree in Public Policy at University of Bristol. He lives in Bristol with his wife, Gendis and their daughters, Ameera and Maryam

However, there are other graduate students who’s here in Bristol just by themselves, on scholarship, their own mission or just a first grader on a primary school somewhere in Bristol. They are:

  • Zeni Rofiqoh graduated from Semarang State University in 2015, she is in the UK to take her master degree in mathematics education since  2016.
  • Anggi Anggara, is on scholarship from LPDP, she is  majoring mathematics education att University of Bristol. She comes from West Sumatera, Indonesia.
  • Caroline Widagdo graduated from University of Indonesia, she used to work for the British Chamber of Commerce in Jakarta, Indonesia, before she moved to Bristol to take her Master Degree in Development and Security at University of Bristol. Caroline love traveling and cooking…
  • Putri Atikasari used to work for International NGO in environment and forestry before she arrived in Bristol for her Master degree. During the climate change conference in Paris in 2015, Putri and her team successfully launch a national carbon accounting system which adopted by Indonesia.
  • Nadira Titalia is currently a business graduate student at University of Bristol. However before she ends up in Bristol CV was outstanding; she was a PR for the National Oil and Gas company, she was also an ex US-Indonesia student exchange programme, and then in 2013 she was Top 10 finalist in Miss Indonesia 2013 competition and named as Miss Favorite Online . The later experience, made here the professional on walking on a catwalk at BIS festival.
  • Teguh Priyanto and Trianti Anti are both Master students at University of Bristol majoring in Public Policy and they both got grants to study in the UK from from Indonesian Board of National Planning (SPIRIT). However, once they are back in Indonesia, they both has different job to go back to.
  • Medina was probably the most senior person in term of performing for Indonesian Festival in Bristol, and yet she is only at year 1  Two Mile Mile Primary School. In 2016, together with some girls, joined in Putri Nusantara Dancing club where they performed a traditional Acehnese dance at BIS event.

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