Astrid Ediati and Britha Fashion Studio

Astrid Ediati is one of the designer from Britha Fashion Studio.

As the theme of Bristol Indonesian Society (BIS) festival this year is “Wonderful Indonesia”, we are featuring other aspect of  Indonesia. This time is about the haute couture  of modern Indonesian fashion using batik (traditional or modern pattern) and lurik pattern as the base of the design and to create a ready to use unique yet elegant design.

Astrid herself will not be in the event, but her clothes were shipped especially for the fashion show at the Wonderful Indonesia Festival.

Though Britha Fashion studio originated in small town in Central Java: Klaten but she is not a stranger to international exhibitions. Her latest international fashion show includes a Wonderful Indonesia event in Doha Qatar

Collection of fashion designed by Astrid Ediati from Britha Fashion Studio

There will not be any counter for Astrid’s clothing collection, but at this event, we get the chance to see her talented design parade.

However, you can follow her online existence  are on:

Facebook Page : Britha Fashion Studio for more information: https://www.facebook.com/BrithaFashion/

or on Instagram where you can see the latest design: https://www.instagram.com/brithafashion/






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