Warung Jakarta

The three Indonesian ladies behind Warung Jakarta:

Tries Rideout an avid golfer and passionate cook lives in Yeovil for almost 12 years, Ida Isaac who looks after her private farm and friends nickname her ” the cake lady” lives in Taunton for more than 20 years, and there is Netty SR who recently moved to Thornbury 18 months ago, where her professional career was in the shipping business but since she move to the United Kingdom she venture out of her comfort zone and join force with Tries and Ida. Though they originally come from different parts of Indonesia, but they all have experienced living in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Hence Warung Jakarta was formed.

PhotoGrid_1491481734759 warung jakarta

At this year’s event, Warung Jakarta will serve her customers with various Indonesian homemade dish. Most of their provenance are from Ida’s organic farm.

We hope that you will visit and support Warung Jakarta and enjoy the various dish available at their stall during the Wonderful Indonesian 2017, Trinity Centre, BS2 0NW Bristol from 11 am – 5 pm, 29th of April 2017.




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