Joining with the other independent Indonesian Food caterer in the UK, ENGGI’S KITCHEN will be participating at the annual Bristol Indonesian Society event.

This is her first year opening her Indonesian Street Food Stall with the Bristol Indonesian Society. While ENGGI’S KITCHEN was just established back in September 2016, she has been quite active in promoting Indonesian Street Food in Bristol and in the UK by participating in various food festivals and events. The busy bee behind ENGGI’S KITCHEN is Enggi Holt, she lives in Bristol for over 8 years now. To her, Bristol and Jakarta is a city that gave her a lot experience, opportunities, and ideas.

jagung bose

To support the theme of this year annual event, ENGGI’S KITCHEN will be serving one dish among the other dishes that will be available at the event, Jagung Bose, a famous dish from East Nusa Tenggara, home to a beautiful tourist destination called Labuan Bajo. To know more about this dish, you will have to come and find ENGGI’S KITCHEN at the Wonderful Indonesian 2017, Trinity Centre, BS2 0NW

To learn more about ENGGI’S KITCHEN you can visit; @enggiskitchen or her facebook page enggiskitchen.



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