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There are a lot of Indonesian students in the UK and all of them belongs to the Indonesian Students Association or PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia). There are a few dozens PPI branches across UK. One of them is PPI Wales, closest neighbour to Bristol. For this is they are  happy to participate in this year’s BIS’ events:  Wonderful Indonesia.

They started with Aldimas, Mailendra, Ima and Chiyar who then invited Rizki to hang around and jam together in a group. Rizki then become initiate the name of the  music group as Budjang Lapoek. The name was used between 2013 to 2014.

As the students come and go, the personnel were the same; some stay and some go.  The band was also on and off, till 2015/2016 where they performed in the launching of Indosoc. It was the same year they form a WhatsApp group and  officially their name become  PPIWales Band; or you can call them Indo-Cymru.

Today, member of the band consist of:  Baskoro, Dani Julian, Furqon, Nadhira, and Bang Ian as the vocal.
Elda, Furqon, Rizki, bang Ian on guitar.
Nano,and Kurnia on Bass
Ledwin on Keyboard
Ledwin and Dion on Ukulele
Dion and Bang Ian on Percussion
Ledwin on Harmonica

However, as they are students (which is their day job), when they performed the personnel may not always the same; the band could still perform with who ever available on the day, as each of them are very talented musician and can complement each other with different instrument as necessary.

Unlike many participant who showing off their cooking talents, these students will show off their musical talent.  BIS is honoured to have PPI Wales or Indo-Cymru to performing on our event.





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