Toko Gordon

Isma Yanthie Gordon, works at Toko Gordon (a name in Indonesian language) – or if you are translating the name into English then it should be “Gordon’s Shop” – since 2012 or rather she own and run Toko Gordon’s business. What make Isma and “Toko Gordon” different from other Indonesian ladies who open up a counter in BIS’ event is because Toko Gordon doesn’t sell hot food.

Yanthie Gordon’s explain to us that she can’t cook but she doesn’t want to miss out the activities of gathering with Indonesian friends that she met so far from all over UK. As a matter of fact Yanthie is clever enough to see a business opportunity, a chinwag with friends with the same language, and not forgetting Indonesian lifestyle of good Indonesian food; so she is selling the special ingredients to make a good Indonesian dishes.

colorful spices in a spoon an bowls from dark tropical wood as shown on Toko Gordon’s website

Though Toko Gordon has been establish for more than 4 years now, Yanthi’s expectation of the event is just happy to be among friends and promoting Indonesian, either from the special ingredient she’s selling or to meet new friends in Bristol. BIS is honoured to present Toko Gordon in our 2017 event.

More detail:

W: http://www.tokogordon.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/tokogordon/






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