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Who’s Who in 2016 Event

The 2016 event was just over,  and as mentioned in the previous past here, the Indonesian festival this year had more attendance than last year, and basically the mission of promoting Indonesia to the Bristolian  were achieved as there are many non Indonesian who also attend the festival (as this festival was by the Indonesian Society for the local community).

However, success story of this event was not organised by the main committee only, we were also get some help from the performers who made the attendance stay longer and enjoy themselves aside the delicious food provided by the food vendors and the fashion show only. There are many other parties who also helped the success story of the events, and they are:

  1. Willy Lee, who is not only the Organisation Secretary, but also the Entertainment Coordinator. Willy and her assistant Salma were the one who make sure each of the performers ready before their turn, before the MC announced their name.
  2. Ms. Susini Packer and Ms Opy Sufinar who came very early that day and works with the Bunga Nusantara Dances on dressing them up as well as made their cute little faces up to before going to the stage. They are also making up the and helping the models before they are parading on the stage. They are sacrificing their time behind the stage to help others perform and missing out their lunch and the festivity of the event.
  3. And then there is Rosi … who was the acting baby sitter for the Bunga Nusantara Dancers while their mums had to perform. She is the one who made sure that all the girls were well fed on lunch time and no body missing out their routine.
  4. Eddy Mannurung and Tarmidi Midi who was on the watch all morning to receive the guest of honour
  5. The Indonesian Students namely John Tampi, Naufal Rahman, Hizrian, Arwanto and Ozie, who are working very hard to set up the whole venue and making sure that all the vendors get the table, setting up the table fitting out the decoration of the hall and making sure the place are squicky clean despite the fact that the place was pack with people and it’s difficult to control their mannerism of around 1200 guests.


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