Epilogue for 2016 Festival

As the committee  of Bristol Indonesian Society have some experienced putting together an event in a medium size  scale. We decided that this year, to push ourselves to create a gathering that will promote Indonesian art, culinary and culture to the public.

Hence the theme of “Indonesian Iconic Dishes and Folktales” was born.

The idea behind this theme was simple : ‘what better way to invite your guests to your home but to serve them with some delicious and authentic food from afar’.

Because Indonesia is a vast country with many types of dish. The committee resorted to the list of  30 Iconic Dishes promoted by the Indonesian Government. Each food traders were asked to serve one or two from the list. The result was spectacular! Guests were delighted with the array of food choices on display at the event. 

Through this activity, we also have the opportunity to open our network with other local community in Bristol. One of the community that we are vey pleased to be working with is the Bristol Gamelan Community. A hidden gem that without an event such as this one, we might not have the honour to meet and work together with them.

We are very pleased to learn that the number of guests in the event were three-fold than the number of guests in the 2015 events. It gave us fuel and decided to create annual events with equally interesting themes.

Rosi Meilani and her husband who are reporter for NET.tv were kind enough to compile their video shoot and reports during the event and make it into 12 minutes video clip.

So here are the video they made especially for BIS, thank you Rosi and Ade

1 comment on “Epilogue for 2016 Festival

  1. hehe.. imagenya gambar pa andrew :D.
    My pleasure bu ketu.

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