The Programme – 2016

It’s been a hectic months for us the committee doing all the preparation, such as gathering all the equipment, preparing for the decoration of the venue, buying and testing all the technical supporting instruments etc, contacting the people who are going to show off their cooking skills or those vendors who are selling Indonesian crafts and clothes, those who will perform in the events as well as those who are supporting the performers, not to mention promoting the event to various place and radio stations. Now its final.

If you are interested to visit friends who has a stall or two, where you can taste a certain dish, or where to locate various stalls, here is the layout:

Layout of the event
Layout of the event in the Trinity Center – Bristol

All the rectangular numbered shape are the number of the stalls and they are:

Stall No. 1 & 2 – Malioboro Corner

Stall No. 3 – Warung Jakarta

Stall No. 4 – Pepepipo_ole

Stall No. 5 – Miliku

Stall No. 6 – BINECCA

Stall No. 7 & 8 – House of Nusa Ina

Stall No. 9 & 10 – Pernak pernik UK

Stall No. 11& 12 – Kebaya Lence

Stall No. 13 & 14 – Jogya Kitchen

Stall No. 15 – Kak Jelita

Stall No. 16 – Lee’s Haus Corner

Stall No. 17 – BIS

Stall No. 18 & 19 – Kubang Kitchen

Stall No. 20 – Warung Melati

Stall No. 21 – Warung Bu Dian

Stall No. 22 – Warung Tempeh Betawi

Stall No. 23 – Bristol Society Gamelan

Stall No. 24 – Indonesian Embassy – Consular Section.


However, the festival is not about the food and craft stalls only, it’s a full on activity, where we will introduce the Story Telling performance with folk tales originated from Indonesian archipelago. You can also listen to the Indonesian Dance and music, which originated from the island of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi; we also have guest dancers from East Timor, our neighbouring country and for fashion lovers there will be mini fashion show.

So, here are the programme:

11:00:00 Children Dance
11:10:00 Indonesian Traditional Songs by Me Band
11:20:00 Javanese Dance by Gill Roberts
11:30:00 Timorese Pop Song by Dadili Group
11:40:00 Traditional Dance from East Timor by Dadili Group
11:50:00 Indonesian pop Songs by Ekkie,Putu and Mey
12:00:00 Bristol Gamelan 1
12:10:00 Bristol Gamelan 1
12:20:00 Bristol Gamelan 1
12:30:00 welcome speech by Enggi Holt, Indonesian Ambassador & Lord Mayor of Bristol
12:40:00 Photoshoot
12:46:00 Traditional Dance
12:50:00 Children Dance
13:00:00 Story telling 1
13:10:00 Story telling 1
13:20:00 DOOR PRIZE
13:50:00 Indonesian pop Songs by Ekkie,Putu and Mey
14:00:00 Traditional Dance from East Timor by Dadili Group
14:10:00 Story telling 2
14:20:00 Story telling 2
14:30:00 Bristol Gamelan 2 / Workshop
14:40:00 Bristol Gamelan 2 / Workshop
14:50:00 Bristol Gamelan 2 / Workshop
15:00:00 Dangdut Music/song
15:10:00 Timorese Pop Song by Dadili Group
15:20:00 Story telling 3
15:30:00 Story telling 3
15:40:00 Story telling 3
16:00:00 Timorese Pop Song by Dadili Group
16:10:00 Dangdut Music/song
16:20:00 Indonesian Traditional Songs by Me Band
16:30:00 Dangdut Music/song
16:40:00 Timorese Pop Song by Dadili Group

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