Bunga & Putri Nusantara Dance Group


Bunga Nusantara

Bunga Nusantara is an ethnical dance group formed by five Indonesian mothers living in Bristol. This group was established in April 2015 with the aim to introduce Indonesian culture through dancing. The literal translation of ‘Bunga Nusantara’ is ‘the flower of the archipelago’.

This group went public for the very first time at the Bristol Indonesian Society (BIS) cultural and culinary event in Bristol, in April last year. In that event, the group performed a Tor-Tor dance, a welcoming dance from North Sumatera. Their second Tor-Tor dance performance was facilitated by the Discover Indonesia event, a UK wide showcase of Indonesian performing arts held in Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, in September 2015.

The group consists of five Indonesian ladies; Hirim, Willy, Nike, Dewi, and Nanda. Hirim, the leader of the group, was born and raised in a Bataknese family and spent her youths singing and dancing in various cultural festivals within Indonesia. She is pivotal for Bunga Nusantara because of her experiences, knowledge, and skills on  the Indonesian traditional dances. The other members, although lack of dancing experience, are eager to learn and highly motivated and they are: Nike, Willy, Dewi and Nanda.

After having a period time of break due to the members’ personal career and family lives, the group is now ready to make a comeback by presenting another traditional dance at the BIS second annual cultural and culinary event that will be held on May 7th 2016.

So, jot down the date in your calendar, which is the 7th of May 2016, Saturday, the Festival will be have a variety of performances from 11 am- 5 pm, Bunga Nusantara dancer will be on the stage at 1 pm. Don’t miss it!!


 Putri Bunga Nusantara

Putri Nusantara is a children’s dance group that was formed by the Indonesian ladies in Bristol with the aim to introduce to their children the culture and music of Indonesia through traditional and contemporary dances.

The literal translation of ‘Putri Nusantara’ is the’ daughter of the archipelago’, a fitting name for these five girls who came from families of different Indonesian ethnic background and from an early age learning and preforming Indonesian dances to the audiences in the UK.

This group consists of five little girls aged 4-8 years old: Feebee (7), Thatha (6), Samira (8), Shaina (7), and Medina (5).

Feebee and Thatha are sisters, and both were born in Bristol. Their parents moved to UK in 2003 from Bandung, West Java, their father, Budi, works for the Airbus Company. Their mother, Opy, is a very creative mother who had shown keen interest in supporting her two children by  assisting the group with their wardrobe, make-up, and hairstyle. Samira came from a mix nationality marriage, Indonesian – English, her mother, Willy works at the NHS, originally from Padang, West Sumatra.  While Shaina is an Indonesian- born from an Indonesian couple Nanda and Adi, from Aceh. The family moved to UK last year because her mother is pursuing a PhD at UWE, Bristol. Medina, the youngest in the group, is the daughter of Ekky and Rossy , an Indonesian couple originally from Jakarta, who are both pursuing their PhD in UK since 2012.

Despite their strong English language skills and the constant British cultural exposure, the children are proud with their Indonesian identity and are always excited to practice their dancing skills. Last year, the group performed remarkably well in front of hundreds of Indonesian and British people in at the Bristol Indonesian Society gathering event, performing O Ina Ni Keke, a contemporary dance derived from North Sulawesi.

After successfully performing O Ina Ni Keke Dance last year, the children are now preparing for their second performance for BIS event this month. They have practiced the new dance since last March and cannot wait to give their best performance. When are asked if they wanted to be a dancer in the future, they, raising their tambourines, shouted excitedly “Yess!!!”

Do join them and support their dancing at the Indonesian Iconic Dishes and Folktales 7th of May 2016, Saturday, they will be performing at the Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, BS 2 0 NW, Bristol for two sessions, the first one is at 11 am and the second one is at 12.50 pm.

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