Gill Roberts (Dancer)

Gill Roberts

Having started out as an actor, Gill began studying Javanese dance and singing in in the 1990s, under teachers from STSI Solo including Sunarno, S Haryono, Dwi Wahyudiarto and with S Adi Pramono in Malang, East Java.

She studied Malang mask dance with teachers who were recognised as sumber (sources). In 2005 Gill was awarded a Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship for further dance study in East Java, by which time she had led many participatory dance projects and workshops for all ages. She was choreographer for a BBC TV Reputations documentary about the dancer-spy Mata Hari, coached lead actors in the first London cast of the Lion King and has led many Javanese dance classes and workshops for the South Bank Centre London. Gill’s performances include the Ramayana (Royal Festival Hall), Jayaprana (The Place, London), tours with Thiasos Theatre Company’s mask dance drama Hippolytos (Cyprus and USA), and many appearances around the UK, Ireland and Java, including on Channel 4 and Indonesian TV.

Gill also studied Balinese dance with Ni Made Pujawati and was a founding member of Lila Bhawa dance company in London.

She will be dancing the Bapang Mask Dance,  from Malang, East Java at the Indonesian Iconic Dishes and Folktales, Saturday 7th of May 2016. What is Bapang Mask Dance? If you want to know more, come and join us at the festival.

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