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Posing after the interview with BSR – Bradley Stoke Radio

It’s 14 days to go and we are getting ready for the 2016 BIS Indonesian Festival. Apart from information on this website, we are also distributing flyers around Bristol.   In addition, Enggi, the girl with lots of ideas also got a couple of opportunities for radio interviews to further discuss the Festival on live broadcasts.

The first radio interview was 18th of April 2016, where Catherine Ayers from Bradley Stoke Radio interviewed Enggi and Eddy Gada Manurung.

They were talking about the Indonesian Community in Bristol and Indonesian food which will be in the festival as the theme is about Indonesian Iconic Dishes as well as Folktales, Fashion and Dancing.

To listen to the playback of the interview, check out this link:

The girls of BIS in BCfm studio before we went on air
The girls of BIS in BCfm studio before we went on air

The Second interview was with George Platts of BCfm radio, who interviewed 3 of us from BIS, and this time was about  Indonesia as a country, again promoting  Indonesian Iconic Dishes and Folktales festival and this time we were listening to George’s music collections, consisting of Javanese Gamelan, Balinese Gamelan and Degung from Sunda.

George, the DJ who has his own show on the radio, called Silver Sound, will also perform in the Indonesian Iconic Dishes and Folktales event on the 7 May 2016, where he will play Gamelan music.

Click the link below to listen to the interview with George Platts.




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