Warung Melati



Warung Melati is operated by two best friends Ria Grant and Margaret Lau. This is their second year participating at the Bristol Indonesian Society Festival.

Margaret Lau is a veteran of running restaurants.  Back in 1986 when Indonesian food was not widely available, she took a chance and opened Warung Melati selling Indonesian food in Bath. Whereas Ria Grant is a connoisseur of Indonesian food and usually cooked Indonesian dishes for private parties.

Both are semi retired and now enjoying the life that Bristol has to offer. They first arrived in the United Kingdom 1975 and stayed in Bristol with their respective families. They hope that by doing what they love doing will help to promote Indonesian food to the public at large.

Their chosen iconic dish to be traded at the “Indonesian Iconic Dishes and Folktales “on the 7th of May 2016 event is Nasi Goreng Kampung along with many other dishes.  So check out their Nasi Goreng at the Festival for the true Nasi Goreng Kampung taste!

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