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It has been a year since Jogja Kitchen London, traded in Bristol and this year they are back. Since the last time they were in Bristol they have been very busy tending and growing their catering business. Now we are happy to have them at our festival despite their busy schedules.

To know more about who is behind Jogja Kitchen London, here is a brief about the owner and the mind behind the great dish:

Endaryani or Yani,  owner of Jogja Kitchen lives in Greater London since 2013. Before becoming a sole trader in 2014, Yani was working as an Indonesian speaking market research interviewer back home.

Home for Yani is Jogjakarta, Central Java, a place famous for its arts, culture, and cuisines. In Jogjakarta, you may find ample of attractions from batik making to the famous lesehan (where you eat while seating on a grass mat). The famous Borobudur Temple (Candi Borobudur) is approximately  40 km Northwest from Jogjakarta. Famous as The Neverending Asia, Jogjakarta is not for a single day trip.

Yani specializes in Jogjakarta style of cooking, she aims to provide genuine Indonesian dishes and hopes that through her cooking her customers will find the taste of home.

Jogya Kitchen will be selling: Nasi Kuning ( turmeric rice) with its complementary dishes, Rempeyek (Indonesian deep fried savory crackers), Arem- Arem ( stuffed steam rice with spicy meat wrapped in banana leafs),  and other Indonesian delicacies and desserts.

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