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Nasi Goreng Kampung

nasi goreng kampungA creative dish to avoid waste

Rice is a precious staple for the Indonesian. One of the many ways to avoid wasting ‘leftovers’ is a dish called Nasi Goreng. The literal translation is fried rice – a bowl of rice left over from the night before  and then fried to prevent the propagation of dangerous microbes, seasoned with shallots, tomatoes, pepper and chilli. Usually served for breakfast, although this dish maybe served around the clock.

Best to eat fried rice is during breakfast or midnight!!

Fried rice may be eaten on its own or accompanied by egg  either to be mixed together into the rice, cooked separately as an omelette or sunny side egg or boiled egg.

If you ordered a plate of Nasi Goreng from a street vendor in Indonesia, you might find that the seller will ask you whether you want to have a “Nasi Goreng special” or “Nasi Goreng biasa”. The special ones are those served with fried egg. And also please make sure you order the right amount of spice level!!

Indonesian fried rice differs from the other Asian fried rice because of its stronger and spicier taste and a generous amount of sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) and its kerupuk  kampung ( casava starch cracker).

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