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Nasi Tumpeng – Cornucopia Rice

Nasi Tumpeng
Cone-Shapped Yellow Rice with its companion dishes

A dish for the Body and Soul

Nasi Tumpeng plays an important part in the Indonesian spiritual life. A traditional dish served for special occasions. It is a form of spiritual offerings to the God whether to celebrate life or a prayer for one’s departure from life.

Nasi Tumpeng’s three tiered rice carries the meaning that everything in life will go to one point on the top, accompanied by dishes representing the four elements of life: water, earth, air and fire. The base of the dish (usually round) symbolises the wholeness and continuity of life itself.

There maybe different style of cooking Nasi Tumpeng, however, the common ingredients are: cloves, cardamom, lemongrass cooked in coconut milk.

The typical side dishes are:

  • Chicken symbolises humility
  • Egg symbolises the circle of life
  • Dried Anchovies symbolises togetherness
  • Mixed vegetables symbolises unity in diversity

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