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30 Indonesian Iconic Dishes

Indonesian Dishes

At the beginning of President Joko Widodo’s administration, he questioned why Indonesian cuisine is not as popular as Chinese or Indian, or even Thai cuisine? And with that little question, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy produced a list of 30 Indonesian Iconic Dishes, as reported by the Jakarta Post. According to the Jakarta Post, they are supposed to be the 30 most popular Indonesian dishes and chosen by Indonesians.

In line with President Joko’s suggestion, BIS decided to make the Indonesian Festival this year to include the theme: Indonesian Iconic Dishes. Thus, the Indonesian Festival of 2016 will include these dishes, which are;


  1. Cone shaped fragrant rice served with condiments – Nasi tumpeng
  2. Chilly roasted chicken – Ayam bumbu rujak Yogyakarta
  3. Vegetable salad with peanut sauce – Gado-gado Jakarta 
  4. Fried rice – Nasi goreng kampung 
  5. Vegetable salad with grated coconut – Urap Sayuran Yogyakarta
  6. Young jackfruit in coconut milk – Sayur Nangka Kapau
  7. Spring roll filled with shrimp and bamboo – Lumpia Semarang
  8. Aromatic chicken soup – Soto Ayam Lamongan
  9. Beef stew – Rawon Surabaya
  10. Vegetables in sweet and sour sauce – Asinan Jakarta
  11. Chicken satay – Sate Ayam Madura
  12. Veal satay – Sate Maranggi Purwakarta
  13. Tofu with eggs – Tahu Telur Surabaya
  14. Minced fish satay – Sate Lilit Bali
  15. Beef cooked in spices and coconut milk – Rendang Padang
  16. Sauteed string beans with scrambled eggs – Orak-arik Buncis Solo
  17. Fish soup – Pindang Patin Palembang
  18. Rice cooked in coconut milk and served with side dishes – Nasi Liwet Solo
  19. Galangal fried chicken- Ayam Goreng Lengkuas Bandung
  20. Curry soup with rice cakes – Laksa Bogor
  21. Tamarind turmeric drink – Kunyit Asam Solo
  22. Tuna in spicy sour sauce – Ayam Padeh Tongkol Padang


  1. Rice pancake with palm sugar syrup – Serabi Bandung
  2. Sticky rice with brown sugar and coconut milk – Sarikayo Minangkabau
  3. Sweet beverage with palm sugar and coconut milk – Es Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara
  4. Rice flour cake filled with steamed banana – Nagasari Yogyakarta
  5. Coconut pancake – Kue Lumpur Jakarta
  6. Coconut pudding – Klappertaart Manado
  7. Ginger and cinnamon drink – Bir Pletok Jakarta
  8. Banana and sweet root in sweet coconut sauce – Kolak Pisang Ubi Bandung

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